What is NARPM

What is NARPM? The National Association of Residential Property Managers

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What is NARPM?

What is NARPM you ask? NARPM® stands for the National Association of Residential Property Managers and is the Trade Association for Property Managers like NAR® is for the real estate sales industry.

Most people expect their real estate sales broker to be a member of NAR® (the National Association of Realtors) because it speaks to their level of commitment and dedication to the industry, and their willingness to be held to higher standards and higher level of ethics.

As an investment property owner you should expect your leasing agent and/or property manager to have that same level of dedication to the residential rental industry and you should require your property manager to be a member of NARPM®. Many landlords are unaware that in the Colorado Real Estate Manual, the Colorado Real Estate Commission recommends NARPM® as THE association for real estate agents as the place to get training and education regarding the leasing and property management industry.

Once you have decided to hire a professional property manager and a member of NARPM® you should look for an individual who has earned the designation of RMP® or Residential Management Professional. These designees have made an even bigger commitment to the property management industry and have many hours of specialized property management and leasing education. Many RMP®’s attend national conferences specifically for property managers and are involved in educating others in their quest to become better property managers.

The bottom line:

When choosing a property manager why is it important to hire a NARPM® Property Manager? Because our NARPM® and industry involvement results in better, more knowledgeable service, a commitment to being the best we can be as property managers (not just something a sales agent does on the side) and a more sophisticated trusted adviser when dealing with difficult situations such as evictions, security deposit disputes, lease violations, late rent collection, property damage, proper termination notices, and more.

Call Cliffdwellers today for more information regarding the services you will receive when engaging our company as your property manager.
Tony Cline RMP®
Cliffdwellers Real Estate, a NARPM® Property Manager.

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